The IKON LED Lighting System

We recently had the pleasure of shooting this exciting and innovative new lighting system with IKON gallery Birmingham. We were tasked with capturing the lighting systems structural details as well as their function in situ. Following a guided tour and in depth discussion into what has gone into making the IKON LED we set about capturing the different lighting styles cast by the system and the immaculate colour rendition they  create. A more detailed description follows below from the IKON and Designed Architectural Lighting teams (DAL).

"Ikon is delighted to announce the launch of the IKON LED; a high quality, multi-function gallery track-mounted light, co-designed and produced by Ikon with Designed Architectural Lighting (DAL), and funded by an Arts Council England Capital Grant.

The IKON LED was developed to create beautiful, evenly lit spaces and be flexible to suit the varying needs of galleries and museums. The luminaire brings all the advantages that galleries benefit from when using cutting-edge LED technology including ultra-low energy consumption, on-board dimming, zero UV output and exceptional colour rendering.  In addition the IKON LED can switch between 3000k and 4000k colour appearances and, notably, overcomes the major problem usually associated with LED wash lights which is the prominent and distracting shadows they create - especially in architecturally rich or sculpture filled rooms."

IKON LED-3.jpg
IKON LED-4.jpg