Take a look behind the scenes of our printing process with Rope Press. We carefully selected our paper stock with the good guys at G.F Smith and each piece comes with a numbered certificate highlighting which artwork of 12 you receive. 

Mono is a limited run of selected black and white prints created by Handover. This selection of photographic works have been developed from a shared adoration of travel, architecture, shape and form. Each artwork serves as a graphic interpretation of some of our favourite compositions, emphasising structural elements, organic forms and textures. 

All works are printed by Rope Press here in the UK, using Risograph, giving the work distinct quality and intricate tones. Each piece has been printed on G.F Smith 270gsm paper to ensure we have delivered an exceptionally finished and ethically sourced product.


Mono_Printing Process_Rope Press-5.jpg
Mono_Printing Process_Rope Press-20.jpg
Handover Agency