Documenting Dom Clarke's latest venture

A studio visit with Campbell Cole

We have worked with Campbell Cole a couple of times in the past, however this was our first time visiting them in their domain and getting to grips with their creative process and the way in which they work. The guys were super hospitable and really open about their working methods which was great. A fascinating day left us with plenty of imagery, here are a small few. The rest will be going to print as part of a larger project we are working on here at handover.

Shooting for the Rigby & Rigby portfolio

We recently had the pleasure of visiting one of Rigby & Rigby's largest developments to date located in Tysoe Vale. With an expansive landscape and bespoke gardens boasting custom sculptures the property left us with an abundance of images to capture. Here is a small selection from our day on location. 

Shooting the latest products from MWC

Gathering herbs with Honest Skincare

Grass roots running with New Balance

In the studio with Josh Fano

Honest Skincare and their new "Makers space"

Handmade Products by Honest Skincare