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Journal entry : Lisbon

A recent trip to Lisbon led to a bountiful haul of imagery. A vibrant city with endless detail and excitement, from food to history to architecture, you really are spoilt for choice. This visit was prompted by countless positive recommendations and didn’t disappoint. Take a look at some of the stills captured across a four day visit, just long enough to enjoy but maybe not long enough to fully explore what is on offer…

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Cutwork - Station F, Paris

Cutwork are an industrial creative studio designing new ways to live and work. We were recently blessed with an assignment to join them in Paris to capture their collection of furniture designs in the awe inspiring Station F, the world's largest co-working space. With an emphasis on co-working, Station F offered the perfect backdrop to highlight the multipurpose nature of Cutwork's furniture. Flooded with natural light, the stage was set for an exciting two day shoot and the results far exceeded our expectations. 

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